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Great customer service is timely, attentive and professional, making sure the customer’s needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on your business

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Every company needs a world-class customer service team to deal with the unexpected and when you outsource to us you get just that. We continuously invest in our agents and their training to ensure they know as much about your products and services as you do which means our agents are as keen to give your customers as good a service, if not better, than if they were dealing direct with you. We love to help our clients grow, improve customer loyalty and succeed in all aspects of their business.

Simple Customer Service

“Where is my order?” is such a simple question and one that is answered professionally day in and day out using concise, structured systems and clear messaging. Thanks to our step-by-step process, using client provided systems and our own CRM, we always know exactly where an order is in the process and provide customers with real-time feedback for accurate delivery tracking.

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We pride ourselves on being able to deal with the most complicated customer service requirements. Ownership is key and our aim is to pass the bare minimum back to you. We’ll work with you to ensure that our staff can handle the most diverse situations in a professional and competent manner – leaving you to focus on building your business.

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We’re not just here to take an order and process it! We deliver knowledgeable post-sales support to help consumers resolve product issues or provide on-going warranty and service expertise. From the start of the journey to the very end and beyond, Impact provides experienced, comprehensive and pragmatic support for clients and consumers alike.


Booking services cover a whole range of activities from entertainment to airlines to car parks to patient transport to holidays. We have a wealth of experience in managing bookings as well as handling amendments, cancellations and complaints across many different platforms. Our well-trained staff will ensure that your customers enjoy a smooth, unified experience from start-to-finish.

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Members of the Institute of Customer Service

Being part of this independent professional body gives us access to the latest performance drivers for customer service excellence and how we can help influence faster growth, higher satisfaction rates and customer loyalty for our clients.

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If we haven’t mentioned your particular area of customer service, it’s not that we may not do it, just simply that we haven’t listed it. Please do give us a call as we welcome all enquiries and will do whatever we can to help.



We consider it a point of pride that our team are knowledgeable about our clients, their products, and are skilful with the customers with whom they interact daily. Our agents professionally manage all manner of simple and complex customer communications providing world class customer service above all else. We are a great solution for clients seeking a contact centre that cares.


Proficient Complaint Resolution

Because things don’t always go according to plan and customer service issues will occasionally arise, our overarching aim is always to turn an unhappy customer into an entirely satisfied one. Working with you to implement customer charters that put the consumer at the heart of everything, we want to resolve complaints on a single call, without escalation and as speedily as possible.


Multi-Channel Solutions

Staying connected to consumers using joined up solutions is vitally important in today’s world of communication. We provide a range of multi-channel solutions to give your customers more ways to stay in touch and support email, webchat, social media and telephone communication channels.


Multi-CRM Support

We offer comprehensive levels of support for a wide variety of client-hosted CRM services as well as our own in-house options. We are equally competent and happy to use a client’s bespoke system, or packages such as Magento, Salesforce, Oracle, Netsuite and Freshdesk or even customise our own CRM to meet a client’s need.


Great with People

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be experts at what we do if we weren’t good with people. However, this goes a lot further than simply being polite and our agents are trained to adapt their message to suit the customer using structured, needs based listening to provide a versatile call handling solution for any business.


Informative & Flexible Reporting

We love providing information that helps you make knowledgeable decisions and our great systems capture feedback which can then be presented in bespoke formats. Using our in-house software development team, we create and produce comprehensive reports that give relevant insights to help improve processes and drive down costs. We like nothing more than our reports being used to improve the customer experience and drive customer satisfaction for our clients.

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