Inbound Sales

Consumers have said that calling a business is the most effective method of communication for a quick response.

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It is so important that your customers are able to interact with salespeople who demonstrates empathy and is available when they need them. Our sales teams are trained to create positive, needs based experiences by building connections that help drive customer loyalty.

We continually invest in training and our sales agents work within a selling structure that promotes a soft but effective sales conversation rather than a scripted automaton. We work with you to achieve targets and whilst we are not afraid to be measured, it is the quality of sales, as well as the quantity, that is important to us. You will never hear the words “hard sell” but we often say “how can we raise the bar?” which means that we look for continuous improvement and better sales for our clients. Our sales solutions are here to help your company grow, improve customer loyalty and assist you in all aspects of your business goals.

E-Tailing and E-commerce

Most customers who use a website normally place their order online so quite often when we receive a call it is because the consumer wants more information. It is therefore essential that customers can always reach someone with their request and that our call handlers demonstrate a wide range of knowledge of your products and services thus ensuring excellent customer service.

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We have an excellent track record of professionally taking DRTV orders and increasing the average order value with upsells and cross-sells even if the adverts have no pricing indicators. DRTV clients need to know the success of their adverts so having the technology to measure opportunities and sales generated from a particular advert is an important part of our role.

as seen on tv

Newspaper Ads & Catalogue Orders

The sales techniques used for this type of advertising can vary and our agents use an adaptive approach based on the people they speak to and the products they are buying. Many campaigns lend themselves to simple upselling and cross-selling which increases the value of the order without compromising the initial sale.

Upselling & Cross-Selling

If there is an opportunity to encourage a customer to purchase an additional item or upgrade their purchase we are expert at achieving this. However, we aren’t pushy and will never pressure the customer into a sale.

We’re not afraid to be measured on our success either, so if you have ambitious sales targets which you’d like us to help you meet, just give us a call on 01794 230 230. You can read more about this service below.

Over phone card payment

Over the Phone Secure Call Centre Payment Processing

As a payment processing call centre being PCI DSS Level 1 compliant is vital for the data protection and security of our partners and their valued customers. Our approach to PCI compliance enables your customers to give their card details directly to our agents over the phone. Call centres that transfer the customer to an automated payment system inevitably increase the risk of the order process being abandoned and losing the sale. It also means we can use your own web portals for taking payments which isn’t feasible using automated solutions.


Effective Peak Management

An essential part of our service is making sure we answer all calls within a short period of time to maximise our clients’ investment in advertising. To achieve good answer rates we organise our agents into overlapping, fully trained teams that help with peak management which ensure we have sufficient agents to take orders. Whatever causes the peak, intensive sale periods or planned marketing campaigns, our teams will ensure the customer experience is as good and effective as at all other times.


Excellent Product Knowledge

Customers are likely to trust someone who understands the products and services inside and out. We don’t follow scripts, instead, our team members receive training for each new client we on-board and calls are only routed through to those agents who have been trained. This means that whenever an agent receives a call for a specific client, they’ll have the knowledge and confidence necessary to assist the customer fully.


Structured Selling

We use a structured, needs based, sales process with a step-by-step method for handling and processing all transactions. From the point of purchase to the point of delivery, our process ensures that consumers get products they want in a world class experience for both the customer and the client. Our process can be customised to the products or services that are being sold as well as who we are representing.

If you would like to find out more about our service or any other aspect of our company, do not hesitate to call us now on 01794 230 230. We look forward to working with you.

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