Outbound Services

Outbound services require a specialist skill set and sometimes companies need a helping hand which is precisely what we are here for.

We have a huge amount of experience dealing with large outbound projects across many disciplines such as appointment setting, surveys, data cleansing, consent gathering, outbound B2B and B2C sales. The success of outbound sales is, more often than not, down to self-discipline and process both of which Impact manage with automated systems and valuable insight.

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We take great pride in our “structured, not scripted” approach and delight in learning about your products, services and brand.

Outbound sales sometimes require a lot of patience and a little gentle persistence which we structure into a professional conversation. Our automated solutions mean that customers are only contacted at a scheduled date and time and when we speak to them we deliver a world-class service so they want to buy again. A pressurised sale is not a path that we ever follow and by choosing to display absolute professionalism we remain highly successful as well as retaining our clients’ integrity.

Our mission is to help medium and large businesses improve their sales targets, increase customer loyalty and grow a positive brand reputation. To find out more, get in touch with us today on 01794 230 230

B2B & B2C Telesales

Impact’s approach to customer service is multi-faceted, but also entirely bespoke, offering clients a range of services from which they can choose the ones they need. We work in partnership with all our clients to deliver their customer service strategy within budget and to the highest possible support levels needed to drive their businesses forward.

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Continuity Programmes

Many companies offer continuity or subscriptions programmes where existing buyers have agreed to receive products or services at regular intervals, weekly or monthly. We make consistent, scheduled contact with consumers to ensure they are happy with their products, whether they need more items or helping with other requirements, updating data as required.

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A bespoke survey offering is just one of the many outbound services available and, using our in-house survey programme, we contact businesses or individuals on a customer service basis to gain answers to a set of questions devised by our clients. The key to a good survey is the information captured and we use our extensive reporting suite to ensure that all the data is reported in a format that meets your needs.

Consent Gathering

Now that GDPR is part of our day to day lives, it is vitally important that only those people who have given their consent to be contacted are actually contacted. Many databases are still not GDPR compliant and we have a specialist team who work with clients to ensure that all their customers are happy to be contacted by phone, letter, email etc for on-going marketing purposes. All our clients’ customers are precious and we use a nurture approach that has a very high success rate on retaining consent.

Data Cleansing

Data is king so having accurate data saves time and money for any company investing in sales and marketing. We offer a data cleansing service which ensures every customer’s details are accurate and if not we replace, modify or delete records to ensure the data validity. If you would like your database to be brought up-to-date, speak to us to learn more about our data cleansing service.


Structured – Not Pushy

We adopt a structured, step-by-step sales process that takes care of each stage of a transaction. From the point of interest to the purchase and delivery of products and services, our well designed approach ensures we never miss a beat. And when dealing with outbound calls, we never pressure a customer or potential customer into a sale.


Great Communication

Customers are more likely to trust a company that knows what it’s talking about. Thanks to our in-depth, in-house training programmes, our call handlers know everything there is to know about each of our clients. So, when a call is placed, they’ll be able to converse with the customer and confidently answer any questions they might have about your products or services.

Over phone card payment

Over the Phone Secure Call Centre Payment Processing

Our outbound sales teams also benefit from our PCI DSS Level 1 payment processing compliance. Being Level 1 compliant, which is the highest accreditation, means that we are externally audited by a Qualified Security Assessor and are one of a very few outsourced UK call centres on the Visa Europe Merchant Agent List.


Insightful Reporting

Reporting covers any number of metrics designed to help you make more informed decisions. Our methodology is if we can capture the data, we can report on it and we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach and accurate reporting methods.


Quality Results

When you consider our structured, non-scripted approach, an excellent range of services, highly trained and professional team, and our vast array of services, quality results are all but assured. It’s no wonder we’re considered to be one of the top call handling agencies for outbound sales.

So, if you’re ready to talk and would like to establish a dialogue with us, give us a call today on 01794 230 230 We’ll demonstrate just what we can accomplish to increase the effectiveness of your outbound sales.

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