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Here at Impact Call Centre, we are experts in all parts of sales and customer service, including outbound call centre services. We’ll work continuously with you to develop the best solution for what your company needs. We’re flexible and scalable, and we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

We have an outstanding track record of increasing the growth, profitability, and reputation of our clients’ enterprises. Does your organisation occasionally require the assistance of a call centre with a specialised skill set in outbound call centre services? This is what we’re here for at Impact Call Centre!  

Outbound call centres aid organisations in reaching out to consumers, suppliers, and partners with outgoing calls. This might include telemarketing services such as appointment setting, upselling, or market research to assist the sales staff. At Impact Call Centre, we have excellent experience in outbound call services as we’ve worked on a variety of significant outbound projects, so call us today on 01794 230 230. 

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    Outbound Call Centre Services,Virtual Call Centre UK, Inbound Call Centre

    The Best Company for Outbound Call Centre Services 

    Every call centre has something unique to offer, but everything we offer at Impact Call Centre is impressive. From the unique way we treat our employees and customers to the exceptional way we get the job done, you can see what differentiates our services from other outbound call centre services.  

    Our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why we always try to create a healthy work environment where our employees can flourish and work to satisfy our clients to the best of their abilities. When it comes to our clients, once they are receiving any of our services, they instantly become a part of the family.  

    The outbound call service we provide here is one of a kind! We never make a rushed deal, and by choosing to be entirely professional, we are able to remain very successful while maintaining our clients’ trust.  

    Outbound Call Centre Services,Virtual Call Centre UK, Inbound Call Centre
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    Our Outbound Call Centre Services 

    Outbound sales performance is frequently determined by self-discipline and process, both of which Impact Call Centre manages with automated tools and helpful information. For example, our automated solutions ensure that clients are only reached at a specific day and time and that when we do talk with them, we provide them with a world-class experience that makes them want to buy from us again. This is made possible because we understand that outbound services require a lot of patience and some persuasion, something that other call centres might lack. 

    We have extensive expertise with big outbound call projects in a variety of areas, including appointment scheduling, surveys, data cleansing, permission collection, and outbound B2B and B2C sales.  

    B2B and B2C Telesales 

    When it comes to B2B telemarketing and B2C telemarketing, we at Impact Call Centre offer a multi-faceted direction on customer service. Our services are entirely bespoke, giving clients a variety of services so that they can choose from only what they really need. 

    In addition, we work side by side with our clients to provide their customer service strategy at an efficient, reasonable price with the most outstanding level of care and support to launch their business forward.  


    A very familiar business practice for outbound call centres is subscription programs. They are called continuity programmes, where previous customers agree to receive a product or service at regular weekly or monthly intervals. Then, we regularly contact the customer to ensure that they are happy and pleased with the product, which lets us help the customer with any technical issues they are facing and get updates and feedback regarding if they need more items or different services. That way, we can ensure our customers’ satisfaction which is highly valuable to us!  


    Research regarding a business’s services, customer satisfaction, and customer feedback has never been more accessible than with our survey outbound services. In addition, we use an internal survey program within Impact Call Centre, in which we contact businesses as a whole or people to ask a set list of questions that our client’s design in order to collect answers through phone calls from our clients for further study. Good surveys are surveys with great information collected, and all that collected data is then sent back to our clients in a format of their choosing that would best reflect what they need.  

    Consent Gathering 

    We undertake our work with the utmost level of seriousness as we abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is important to note that we strictly only contact individuals who have given us their consent to contact them. Unlike us, many other databases, unfortunately, don’t abide by GDPR. We dearly cherish our client’s customers as we have a team of specialists that work to make sure that they are contacted in their own preferred way, whether it’s via phone calls, letters, or even email.  

    Data Cleansing 

    Data is like precious gold; it is so vital to have good accurate data, which in turn will help you save time, effort, and money for any company that is putting that data to use in sales and marketing and telemarketing. We have a data cleansing service that promises that all a customer’s details are accurate, and if not, then they are either edited or fixed or removed entirely so as not to ruin data viability. 

    Suppose you need to have your data updated and ready for analysis. In that case, we are always here for you, so contact us regarding our data cleansing service at Impact Call Centre’s outbound call centre services. 

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    Why Use Our Outbound Call Centre Services? 

    The answer to where can you find the best outbound call services is obvious: Impact Call Centre! With over 250 employees, we are a well-established and very successful outsourced firm that provides managed services to businesses. To attain excellence, we believe in providing world-class service at all times. We are constantly on the lookout for new and better methods to improve our services and to better our knowledge so that we can have better interactions with our customers. At Impact Call Centre, we aim to exceed your expectations, enhance quality, and offer fantastic outcomes for all of our clients. Therefore we’re always looking for ways to improve.  

    Something you won’t be able to find in other call centres is our careful approach and precise reporting techniques.  If we can gather the data, it means we can report on it and be able to assist you in making better decisions. Not only that, but quality outcomes are all but guaranteed when you consider our organised, non-scripted approach, an outstanding selection of services, a highly trained and experienced workforce, and our broad assortment of services, including outbound services and telemarketing.  


    Contact Us 

    It’s no surprise that we’re regarded as one of the best outbound sales centres! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and learn more about the vast array of services that Impact Call Centre can offer you and your business! We can do it all here at Impact Call Centre, so whatever service it is that you require, we will provide! Getting affiliated with us is the best decision you will ever make. 

    Outbound call centre services can be tricky as they require patience, a particular set of skills, and years of experience. At Impact Call Centre, we have them all! Please do not hesitate to call us at 01794 230 230 or send us an email at [email protected] for any questions you might have. Our team of specialists is here to assist you regarding any inquiries you might have about our outbound call services.  

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